Serenity Flashie Tree and Memorial Dedication

  • Arundel Lodge’s Serenity Garden continues to evolve. On November 16, 2017, Arundel Lodge dedicated the new Flashie Tree, in loving Memory of Marisa Angela Bolan (11/28/1966-11/26/2016) and other members of the Arundel Lodge community who have passed away over the years.
  • The Serenity Flashie Tree was inspired by the Universal Tree of Life at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. It was envisioned by Arundel Lodge’s Open Eye Gallery Committee as a way to honor the souls of anyone who has gone before us, forever leaving their imprint on our hearts.
  • The Serenity Flashie Tree is made possible by the Bolan family and Arundel Lodge’s community of supporters. Each “flashie” is handmade by a donor, volunteer, staff, family member, or person served and reflects the artist who made it. Arundel Lodge invites you to visit the Flashie Tree and observe the unique patterns of light each “flashie” produces.
  • If you would like us to make a “flashie” for the Tree in memory of your loved one, or if you are interested in participating in our “flashie” workshops starting this December, please contact: Corinna Woodard at 443-433-5914.