Open Eye Art Gallery

The Open Eye Gallery at Arundel Lodge was established to create a safe, supportive environment
for a community of artists to grow through the visual arts.

Artists of the Open Eye Gallery (OEG) are Arundel Lodge clients living with mental health disorders. The Studio Program and OEG are components of Arundel Lodge’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program whose mission is to guide clients in a social, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere through providing opportunities for creative expression. 

Work produced in the Studio Program is featured in galleries across the region and in Arundel Lodge’s Open Eye Gallery! Arundel Lodge artists explore their artistic interests and gain confidence to create expressive works that come from their hearts. Individuals report that these activities help them grow, cope with trauma, and aid in their overall recovery.  

Artwork sold through Open Eye Gallery directly benefits artists by offering an income opportunity and plentiful art materials. Much of the artwork produced in the art program is for sale and artists keep 80% of the proceeds to supplement their income, while 20% goes back into the program to replenish supplies. 

Anita Hagan – Gallery Director

Anita Hagan lives in Beverly Beach, Maryland in a small cottage on the Chesapeake Bay.  She has worked in the medium of linoleum block printing for over 35 years, and has developed the unique technique of printing black ink over acrylic paint. Anita’s work often employs heavy carved textures, expressive patterning and vigorous line work – inherent in the art of block printing.  She is most inspired by the natural world and human portraiture, and soon will introducing a series of large portraits 15 years in the making – The One World Project.

Anita joined the Open Eye Gallery and Arundel Lodge in 2022 and also teaches the art classes in the Day Program. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of ALI and loves watching her art students create such beautiful work.

Images Disclaimer: All images of art work on this site are the property of the artists and Arundel Lodge, Inc. and may not be downloaded, used, or shared without permission.