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One in four Americans will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year, according to the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). For some, mental illness seriously limits participation in work, school, and other aspects of a full life in the community. Ongoing outpatient treatment is critical to maintaining stability and quality of life for individuals with behavioral health disorders.

Outpatient Services

The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Arundel Lodge provides comprehensive therapy using the Recovery Model which is based on the strengths and aspirations of individuals. The Recovery Model is a philosophy rooted in treating individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse disorders with respect. Through education and linkages we encourage individuals to make their own decisions about treatment.

We provide a wide array of services:

•Psychiatric screening and assessments including in person and tele-mental health sessions
•Medication evaluation, management, and monitoring
•Person-centered treatment planning for recovery
•Individual, group and family therapy
  Peer Support Program
•Transition and discharge planning
•Trauma-informed care
•Spanish speaking therapist
•ASL therapist available for deaf and hard of hearing persons
•Referrals and connections to outside services or other Arundel Lodge programs available.

Outpatient Programs

1. The Day Program at Arundel Lodge

Located at our main campus just outside of Annapolis, the Day Program attracts close to 100 participants daily, Monday through Thursday. A hot breakfast and lunch are provided each day. The Day Program provides a welcoming and safe place for individuals to participate in healthy activities, learn how to manage symptoms, and move towards recovery. The Day Program serves individuals living on their own or with family through their enrollment in Arundel Lodge’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. Residents in Arundel Lodge’s Residential Rehabilitation Program can also participate.

The Day Program offers life-skills classes, support groups, and activities, four days a week, year-round. Classes can include computer lab, art groups, yoga, journaling, gardening, budgeting, nutrition, stress management, medication management and fitness in the John W. Brick Memorial Fitness Center. Activities can include bowling, sight-seeing excursions, the annual talent show and working as an artist in the Open Eye Art Gallery.

2. Integrated Substance Abuse Program at Arundel Lodge (Formerly First Step)

Integrated Substance Abuse Program at Arundel Lodge is certified through the State of Maryland to provide three outpatient levels of care: Early Intervention, Outpatient services, and Intensive Outpatient services. We also provide medication assisted treatment.
Who We Serve:
• adults 18 and older who have a substance use disorder
• adults 18 and older who have a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder
What we offer:
•  SAME DAY ACCESS (Intake and Assessment): walk-ins Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
•  screening and assessment
•  individual, group and family counseling
•  person-centered treatment planning
•  transition and discharge planning
•  medication assisted treatment: including Suboxone maintenance, Vivitrol injections, and oral Naltrexone
Service locations:
• 1819 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis  410-280-2333
• 2600 Solomons Island Rd, Edgewater  443-433-5900 (Intakes only)

3. Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program

The Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program at Arundel Lodge places individuals interested in entering the work force directly into competitive employment (minimum wage or higher) where they are supported and coached for success!
Employment can be essential to the journey toward wellness and recovery. Arundel Lodge’s Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program sticks to the Key Principles which make Supported Employment Programs successful for community members and their employers:

• Competitive employment is the goal, Part-time or Full-time
• All eligible persons can participate
• Job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working
• Supported employment services are integrated with treatment
• Individuals are counseled regarding Social Security and other benefits
• Support is available even after job placement
• Individual preferences matter!
Who we serve in the Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program:
Adults 18+ with a diagnosis of chronic behavioral health disorder are eligible.
Arundel Lodge’s Employment Specialists partner with persons served and businesses to find the right employment opportunities. Ongoing support from our staff promotes open lines of communication between employers and employees, fostering positive, equitable working relationships.
• Vocational Assessments
• Job placement
• Job coaching
• Extended support
• Linkages to the Division of Rehabilitation Services(DORS)
and Work Force and Technology Center(WTC)
Business Partners
Our business partners make Arundel Lodge’s Supported Employment Program possible! Businesses in our community work with us and with their employees to provide the needed supports that foster success. It’s a win win for everyone.

4. Supportive Living Program

The Supportive Living Program has staff that meet individuals out in a community or home environment where they feel most comfortable. Arundel Lodge provides comprehensive, individualized services based on respecting and supporting the strengths and aspirations of persons in the community experiencing serious behavioral health disorders.
Who we serve in Supportive Living:
Individuals enrolled in Arundel Lodge’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, who live in the community with their families or independently and want support to continue successfully living an independent lifestyle.
Services provided:
• symptom management, tailored to meet individuals’ needs.
• case management
• goal work such as physical health, budgeting, daily living skills, social skills, vocational assistance, and coping strategies.
• Persons served receive at least 6 visits and/or services per month from their assigned Rehabilitation Counselor or through Day Program groups and activities.
• Many of our persons served choose an integrated approach to their recovery by incorporating services from the Day Program in addition to home and community visits from their Rehabilitation Counselor.
• All Supportive Living participants are welcome and encouraged to attend Day Program as often as they like.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP)

The Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) provides housing for people with behavioral health disorders, and includes specialized services for those who are deaf, chemically addicted, elderly and/or have complicated somatic issues, or need intensive supervision. The Arundel Lodge Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) provides supported housing accommodations for 126 persons in need. Our 35 homes are integrated into Anne Arundel County residential communities as we partner with friends and neighbors.

Who we serve in the Residential Program:

• Individuals who have a serious behavioral health disorder
• Deaf or hard-of-hearing
• Individuals with co-occurring substance abuse issues
• Seniors or individuals with complicating somatic issues
• Individuals who need intensive supervision, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Individuals who are preparing for independent living

How to Access Services
Please submit a Residential Rehabilitation Program Application to the Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency (AACMHA). Blank forms are available through Arundel Lodge by calling (443) 433-5900 or AACMHA (410) 222-7858.

1. Peer Support Program
Peer support aims to establish trusting relationships, decrease stigma and create a safe environment where information, resources and coping strategies can be shared. In the Peer Support Program at Arundel Lodge, individuals direct their own recovery journey, with Peer Support Specialists serving as compassionate listeners, educators, coaches, advocates, and partners. The Peer Support Specialists’ lived experience serves to inspire program participants on their journeys in recovery.

Peer Support Specialists at Arundel Lodge are state-certified and receive ongoing training on trauma-informed care, Intentional Peer Support, substance and/or process use, and resources available for wellness and recovery. Specialists also receive group and individual supervision and support from a licensed mental health professional to ensure effective service delivery.

Who we serve in the Peer Support Program
Individuals enrolled in Arundel Lodge’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program(PRP)
Persons in the PRP can refer themselves to Group and/or one-to-one Individualized Peer Support services, or Staff can refer persons to the program. Referrals are also discussed as part of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) assessments and Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP).

Services provided:

The Peer Support Program offers one-to-one listening, support and coaching sessions, as well as group meetings which can include Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Connections, Peer-to-Peer, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Women’s Dual-Diagnosis and Mental Health, WHAM, Beyond Recovery and more.

We mentor individuals to

• identify strengths, recognize success and build hope
• build self-advocacy skills, natural supports and coping skills
• become involved as advocates for others
• navigate mental health and other systems, including accompanying persons to appointment with health professionals and therapists
• build and maintain community living skills and access community resources
• find and retain employment, education and volunteer work
• find other meaningful activities that promote a sense of purpose, structure, and inclusion in the community
• meet goals set in the Individual Rehabilitation Plan(IRP)

We support individuals by

• serving as advocates during IRP/ITP meetings
• providing guidance related to IRP goals during times of high stress
• working with persons on collaborative documentation

Through participation in the Peer Support Program, individuals increase awareness of their own self-worth, strengths, and skills.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Telemental Health for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Arundel Lodge. We employ Deaf and hearing staff who are knowledgeable about the needs of Deaf and hard-of-hearing community members and who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

We support participation in our behavioral health programs and services, including the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, Supported Employment Program, Day Program, and Residential Program.

For people who prefer tele mental health visits and are deaf or hard of hearing, Arundel Lodge provides a therapist who is fluent in sign language and culturally competent in the challenges faced by members of the Deaf community.

Behavioral Health Home

In October of 2013, Arundel Lodge became one of Maryland’s first Behavioral Health Homes.Behavioral Health Home is a program that integrates the services needed to address all of a person’s medical, as well as mental health needs. Arundel Lodge has taken the extra step of partnering with Luminis Anne Arundel Medical Center, who provides primary medical care at our location and consults with the Arundel Lodge Health Home team.

  • Individuals with serious behavioral health disorders are much less likely to seek primary care services for persistent medical conditions.
  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia plague individuals with psychiatric disabilities and are often ignored, leading to poor overall health and a shorter life span than the average person.
  • Often, lifestyle choices of persons living with behavioral health disorders tend to be unhealthy, including smoking, poor diet choices and a lack of activities that promote physical fitness and well-being.
  • Many of the medications taken by individuals with behavioral health disorders can cause unpleasant side effects.

Our job is to better manage chronic medical conditions through a preventative care and the total wellness approach. Early detection can reduce hospital ER visits and inpatient admissions because individuals are getting the care they need before it becomes critical.

As a Behavioral Health Home, Arundel Lodge has been entrusted with managing and directing the provider process –identifying gaps in care, assessing areas of improvement and partnering with individuals to create customized healthcare plans.

Another important advantage of the Behavioral Health Home is that individuals have a single care manager, providing the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship and making the person served more comfortable about expressing symptoms and concerns. 

  • Any person receiving services in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is eligible for Behavioral Health Home services.
  • Persons who have a substance use disorder also qualify.
  • Primary care services
  • Group therapy  services
  • Comprehensive care management
  • Goal setting for Individual Rehabilitation Plans (IRP)
  • Periodic reviews
  • Care coordination
  • Health promotion
  • Comprehensive transitional care
  • Individual and family support services
  • Referrals to community and social support services
  • Discharge plans when required.

Veterans Program

As a VA approved program, the Veterans Program at Arundel Lodge provides a holistic, person-centered  approach in addressing the psychological, social, emotional, physical and environmental needs of military veterans and their families.  We understand their ultimate desire to find a quality of life that embraces wellness—an empowering choice toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our programs, facilitated by licensed professionals with military experience, offer a comprehensive spectrum of services to meet the needs of veterans and their families who seek health and wellness, leading to a fresh sense of  self, family and hope.

·          Individual, group, and family counseling
·          Drug and alcohol use prevention & treatment
·          Substance use disorder screenings & referrals
·          First Step Recovery substance use disorder services
·          Crisis intervention
·          Medication evaluation and management for mental                     health treatment
·          Transition and discharge planning
·          Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
·          Tele-health services
·          Resources and Referrals to Services

The Employment Assistance Program for Veterans Wellness is tailored to the unique challenges that veterans face in finding jobs and transitioning from military to civilian employment.  Businesses in our community work with Arundel Lodge and with placed employees to provide the needed support that fosters success.

Veterans Wellness provides veterans and their families opportunities to develop career and educational goals.


·           Free GED Program in partnership with OIC Programs
·           Professional Development Trainings with CEU credit for mental health professionals

We strive to build educated communities that understand and address the unique needs and challenges of today’s veteran family.  Our corporate partners enjoy a rich relationship that is beneficial to their culture and feed their military employee programs.


·          Community Education
·          Community Events
·          Community Outreach
·          Community Galas

·           Medicare
·           Tricare Select
·           Tricare for Life
·           Magellan
·           United Healthcare
·           Cigna
·           Aetna
·           BC/BS
·           Medical Assistance
·           Cash/check